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Joshua Klessig

  MenuHeading = 'ENTER CHOICE';
  MenuBarLine = '=============';

  TopicLoc : AuthorRecType;
  Description : STRING;
  Choice : INTEGER;

BEGIN {The Greek Stories}
  Description := 'The Greek Stories are a constant work in progress.  I occasionally will take a
                         greek myth that interests me and create a cyberpunk adaptation of it.  In general
                         the stories are a little shorter than my usual, and may often be difficult to place
                         or understand if you don't know the myth behind them.  Thus I beseech all of
                         you to go to your local bookstore and pick up a translation of "The
                         Metamorphoses of Ovid".  I own the Allen Mandelbaum translation.  So below
                         will be the stories I have written so far.  Over time the list will get bigger, but for
                         now(and probably awhile) will be small';
  WRITELN (MenuBarLine);
  WRITELN (MenuHeading);
  WRITELN (MenuBarLine);
  WRITELN ('[1] TIRESIAS (Dec. 17 1999)');
  READLN (Choice);

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