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Here you will find all the Cyberpunk Novels and Stories submitted by the readers of this site!
If You have some Works and you want to submit it on my site, send it to me at this mail address with the subject Cyberpunk Works.


Author Title Easy Print
Chris Bleach The Big Bang click here
Wayne Clarke The Candy Store  
Favela Sweep  
Wide Angle Lens - pt.1  
Cliff Collins The Voice Behind The Machine  
Tom Eicher Iteration (1995) click here
Dreams of a Dark Future (1995) click here
VTV (1995) click here
Walking the Green Fields at Night (1995) click here
Together forever (1995) click here
Circulation (1996) click here
Hail the King (2002) click here
Mike Foord Entering the void click here
M.Alan Kazlev Syndorphin2-6-C click here
Joshua Klessig Earth (tm) click here
The Greek Cycle: Tiresias click here
Loose Ends (formerly known as ICE) click here
Mobile Wetware Systems (MWS) click here
The Interface (Adam Jacks In) click here
The Silicon Trip click here
Adam McGrath Biochips with Everything click here
Jack McKever Bob click here
Rob Potter A Slightly Better Day click here
Into The Fire click here
Paul Sadler Mandel's Organ  


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