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Mondo 2000
P O Box 10171
Berkeley, CA 94709-0171
Voice (510)845-9018
Fax (510)649-9630

Many cyberpunk fans have an uneasy relationship with Mondo 2000; their esteem for it varies according to the amount of technical content and affected hipness in the articles. Nonetheless, if anything could claim to be the cyberpunk "magazine of record", this is it. With the departure of many of those providing creative impetus (notably, R.U. Sirius), its days may be numbered.

11288 Ventura Boulevard #818
Studio City, CA 91604
Voice (310)854-5747
Fax (310)289-4922

bOING-bOING's status is uncertain; most of its writers now work for Wired, it has ceased newsstand distribution and no longer offers subscriptions. However, if one can get a copy, it's worth looking at.

P.O. Box 191826
San Francisco, CA 94119
Voice (415)904-0660
Fax (415)904-0669
Credcard subscriptions: 1-800-SO-WIRED (1-800-769-4733)

The magazine which, through aggressive positioning, has managed to become the "magazine of record" for modern techno-aware culture. It's aimed more at technically-oriented professionals with disposable income, but many cyberpunk fans like the articles on network- and future-related topics.

603 W. 13th #1A-278
Austin, TX, 78701
FTP site at ""

2600 Magazine
Subscription correspondence: 2600 Subscription Dept., P.O. Box 752, Middle Island, NY,11953-0752
Letters/Article Submissions: 2600 Editorial Dept., P.O. Box 99, Middle Island, NY,11953-0099
FTP site at ""

Two mainstays of the computer underground. Phrack deals more with people and goings-on in the community, while 2600 focuses on techinical information.

21c Magazine
21.C Magazine, Scanning the Future.

The Dose
THE DOSE is a pop- and subcultural PDF magazine, its every issue centered around one specific city. Between 2006 and 2007, three issues were released: Tokyo, London and a pilot issue of Budapest. After a longer hiatus, the magazine has been purchased by Wide View Ltd. and is back with a plan.

Machete Girl Cyberpunk eZine

H+ covers technological, scientific, and cultural trends that are changing, an will change, human beings in fundamental ways.

P.O. Box 18539
Asheville, NC 28814

Described by some as the "house organ of the cyberpunk movement", founded by Stephen P. Brown at the urging of his friends Gibson, Shirley, and Sterling. Published semi-annually, and contains a regular column by Sterling.

Literary Lunacy
A Web/E-zine focussing on Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi.

Neural On Line
This one is a web zine in Italian related to a printed magazine. It's a sort of Mondo 2000 in Italian. You may find it interesting!!

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