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Since '80s Chemical synthesis opened wide opportunity for the creation of drugs with the purpose of changing the perception of reality. Laboratory became a substitute of nature, that was, until then, the only builder of similar substances.
Tendencies are to build substances that have short and controllable effects, as Ecstasy, or a sort of anti-drugs that helps you to increase mnemonic or phisics skills.
But there are also more powerful drugs, such as Ketamina, that seem to be used in the English Rave scene, that has to be considered a very powerful hallucinogen. In labs are also producted the so-called Designer drugs, substance that alter the perception of reality, but since they are made of legal compound producer and consumer can't be legally persecuted.

 At last we have to mention the probably most dangerous drugs, the Home-made Drugs, you can easily find how to make them and with the same facility can be made by anyine, these are always made of common home product mixed each other.

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